Shipping and Receiving: Mail Room Safety

October 13, 2014

In this day and age, safety is of prime concern in relation to the operation of mail rooms. From three-person operations to corporate mail centers, well-developed mail room security procedures can be easily adopted by any mailroom. From in-house accidents to more menacing outside dangers, businesses rely on a fully functioning mail room, which requires […]

Proper Tool Use and Preventing Workplace Hand Lacerations

October 10, 2014

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 250,000 serious hand, finger and wrist injuries occur in the private industry annually. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimates that approximately 111,000 workers with hand and finger injuries lose days away from work annually–second only to back strain and sprain. Hand injuries are no light matter, […]

Unsaleable: Reducing the Cost of Damaged Goods

October 9, 2014

Even with improvements in packaging, shipping practices, warehouse design, and software, cutting the cost of unsaleable products is the constant challenge for those in the grocery industry. According to the June 2005 issue of Occupational Health, the Food Marketing Institute estimated that the grocery industry sustains nearly $20 billion annually in damaged merchandise. For Mead/Westvaco […]

Solving the Challenges of Unsafe Behavior in the Retail Workplace

October 8, 2014

A basic requirement as a merchandiser, accident prevention is the responsibility of a store owner who is expected to assist management in any unsafe behavior as outlined by the company’s established safety regulations and procedures. Employees should never be expected to work in an unsafe environment. And while most people blame accidents on unsafe conditions, […]

The Utility Knife: The Tool You Can’t Live Without

October 7, 2014

From the home and garden to the garage and basement, home owners frequently face repair and honey-do projects that require one of the most basic tools – the utility knife. Its versatility and strength makes it a tool no homeowner should be without. Looking to add insulation in your home to get a handle on […]

Hand Tool Safety Protects Artists from Injury

October 6, 2014

Since childhood, many have discovered the joy of creation through art. Working with the various materials is an exciting and creative venture for many artists. However, research has shown that an artist’s craft has the potential to adversely affect his/her health. Art materials and supplies, improperly used, can cause physical injury. A fundamental aspect of […]

How to Set Up an At-Home Recycle Center

October 3, 2014

Introduction With curbside recycling programs available to more than half of all Americans, there’s no reason you can’t easily set up your own at-home recycle center. Still, the EPA estimates that while 75 percent of what Americans trash every week could be recycled, only 25 percent is. There is still more to be done. Most […]

Safety Knives – Don’t Go to Work Without Them

October 2, 2014

The reasoning is simple: If employees have access to a good, useable tool, they will use it, preventing potential injury and product damage.  In all facets of today’s workplace, the safety knife is making its presence – and use – known. Consider, emergency rescue personnel using a seat belt cuter to remove an injured child […]

Eye of the Storm: Effectively Preparing for Hurricane Season

October 1, 2014

Early preparation, according to the National Hurricane Survival Initiative, is the key to facing hurricane season. By starting early, residents avoid the rush at home supply stores, grocery stores and other venues that typically get crowded and sometimes chaotic when hurricane watches and warnings are issued. The Initiative is comprised of organizations and businesses including […]

Slice of History: A Retrospective on Knives

September 30, 2014

The first knives were most likely made of wood, bone and other perishable materials. These ancient tools were shaped by knapping, or percussive flaking of rock, such as obsidian and flint. As advances in metallurgy were made, materials such as wood, stone, and bone blades were gradually succeeded by copper, bronze, iron, and eventually steel. […]

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