Every Office Needs a Good Package Opener

September 12, 2014 offers your business a full line of useful promotional products such as the Plastic Package Opener that will set you apart. This fast-growing, innovative company has made big strides in the office-supplies industry with its unique line of safety package Opener, utility knives, and safety knives. Every office needs a good box cutter, and no […]

The History and Efficiency of the Safety Box Cutter

September 11, 2014

A 12-inch fighting and safety box cutter, the Ka-Bar was first used by the U.S. Marines in World War II and has been carried into battle by Marines since. Originally designed as a hunting knife in the 1800s, the Ka-Bar reached popularity with soldiers who needed a safety cutter suited to trench warfare. Its final shape […]

The Innovative Safety Cutting Blade

September 10, 2014

Given the strides manufacturers have made in safety, perhaps “safety knife” makes the most sense. Many of these little safety blades now feature in-handle safety cutting blade storage, easy blade changeout, ergonomic handles, and automatically-retracting cutting blades, among other safety features. These innovations make safety cutting blades useful for anyone who regularly deals with packaging – […]

Safety Knife Makes for A Safe Cut At Home and At Workplace

September 9, 2014

Indeed, these versatile instruments, beloved of mail room supervisors, office managers, and shipping and receiving workers, are so broadly useful that some prefer the more general names “utility knife,” “safety cutter,” or at least “package opener.” Given the strides manufacturers have made in safety, perhaps “safety knife” or “safety cutter” makes the most sense. Many […]

Avoiding Injury with Safety Products

September 8, 2014

Some workers, faced with a stiffly-wrapped package and no package opener in sight, will opt for brute force. They pull, push, pry, poke and tear on the flaps of the box, all to no avail. They yank on the loose end of the packing tape until it tears—or doesn’t tear. The use of teeth is […]

The Versatility of Safety Tools

September 5, 2014

Give up? It’s not your lawyer, and it’s not a calculator. It’s the safety tool. Though nearly any business has to open a large volume of mail and packages during daily operations, too many businesses allow employees to use bare razors, or food knives, to open boxes. This is a small mistake that leads to big […]

The Future of Shipping and Receiving

September 4, 2014

In recent years, methods of handling materials in shipping and receiving have changed significantly. The adoption of equipment such as automatic sorting systems, robots, computer-directed trucks, and programmed data storage and retrieval systems has created largely automated operations. This automation, coupled with the use of hand-held barcode and RFID scanners has increased the productivity of shipping […]

The Importance of Shipping Boxes and Supplies

September 3, 2014

In today’s globalized environment, shipping supplies has never been more crucial—or more complex. With Americans buying goods from, and selling goods to, the rest of the world, high-quality shipping and receiving professionals are among the most important links in the supply chain. The numbers tell the story: the US Post office handles over a billion packages […]

Shipping Supplies and Responsibilities

September 2, 2014

Shipping Clerk Responsibilities In preparing shipments of outgoing mail, shipping clerks must ensure orders have been filled correctly, as well as filling out shipping documents and mailing labels. They also record items taken from inventory and note when orders were filled. In smaller operations, a shipping clerk may fill the order themselves: taking merchandise from […]

Utility Knife Is The Tool You Can’t Live Without

August 29, 2014

From the home and garden to the garage and basement, home owners frequently face repair and honey-do projects that require one of the most basic tools – the utility knife. Its versatility and strength makes it a tool no homeowner should be without. Looking to add insulation in your home to get a handle on […]

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