The Best Box Cutter for Moving Supplies, Shipping Boxes, and Everyday Use

November 24, 2014

Anyone who works in shipping and receiving—not to mention anyone who’s ever moved into a new house or apartment, staffed a mail room, or gotten a package in the mail—knows the improvised solutions people may resort to when receiving a parcel without a good box cutter on hand. Some workers, faced with a stiffly-wrapped package […]

The Invention of the Knife and Safety Tools of Today

November 21, 2014

Of all the tools in our society, only the wheel and the lever can compete with the common household knife for the title of All-Time Most Useful. As essential in the kitchen as it is on the battlefield, and necessary in a wide variety of trades and crafts, the knife is one of the building […]

Benefits of a Safety Knife in the Workplace

November 20, 2014

CLUE:  It’s a small piece of equipment—but it can save your business a lot of money. Give up? It’s not your lawyer, and it’s not a calculator. It’s a safety knife. Though nearly any business has to open a large volume of mail and packages during daily operations, too many businesses allow employees to use […]

Moving? Here’s some good advice on moving supplies and strategies.

November 19, 2014

In today’s mobile society, people seem to be picking up and moving around more than ever—one in five families per year, according to some studies. The average worker can expect to change careers several times during her or his life, and changes in location often go along with that great new job—research has shown that […]

Promotional Products: Buttons, Book Bags, and Safety Tools, Oh My!

November 18, 2014

Some people call them “tchotchkes.” Others, “swag” (or “schweg”). However you say it, promotional products are an important—and surprisingly underused—part of contemporary marketing. Promotional products—those little giveaway keychains, buttons, caps, and other items embossed with product names or company logos—may look small, but they’re a big business. In 2006 the industry pulled in $18.6 billion—more […]

Have You Thanked Your Shipping and Receiving Department Today?

November 17, 2014

In today’s globalized environment, shipping and receiving has never been more crucial—or more complex. With Americans buying goods from, and selling goods to, the rest of the world, high-quality shipping and receiving professionals are among the most important links in the supply chain. The numbers tell the story: the US Post office handles over a […]

Recycling in the Workplace

November 14, 2014

With Americans focusing renewed attention on the health of the planet, recycling becomes more and more a part of everyday life. Most towns and cities now have curbside recycling—and office managers are beginning to follow their example by setting up office recycling programs. Though it’s not the only change we can or should make in […]

Package Opener and Box Opener: Take a Stand against “Wrap Rage”

November 13, 2014

First there was road rage; next, air rage, and then computer rage. Now, more and more consumers find themselves experiencing wrap rage. Apparently first used in print in a 2003 item in London’s Daily Telegraph, the term “wrap rage” is rapidly catching on as a name for that peculiar combination of irrational frustration and homicidal […]

Box cutters: They’re not just for boxes any more.

November 12, 2014

Indeed, these versatile instruments — box cutters, beloved of mail room supervisors, office managers, and shipping and receiving workers, are so broadly useful that some prefer the more general names “utility knife,” “safety knife,” or at least “package opener.” Given the strides manufacturers have made in safety, perhaps “safety knife” makes the most sense. Many […]

The ABCs of Office Supplies and Inventions: From Staplers to Safety Tools

November 11, 2014

We use them all the time, but most of us don’t know the history of those useful objects that cover our desks. Did you know that the mother of ex-Monkee Mickey Dolenz was the inventor of Liquid Paper? Read on to learn more about the fascinating history of some of your other favorite office supplies. […]

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