Safecutters Around the Farm

If you’ve ever been on a farm or a ranch, you know how to use baling twine in order to cut apart hay bales to feed the livestock. You also probably always carry a set of pliers on you to fix the fence when a hook pops off the stake because your favorite draft horse pushed its way through the wire. No matter the size of your farm or ranch, there are many times where you need the help of utility knives to get you job done day to day.

If you own a farm, or work on one, you may be wondering why Safecutters and the various utility knives we carry in the online store could be of greater use than your average utility knife found at the average tools and construction store. Keep reading to learn why Safecutters are a must.

Avoid an Emergency Room Visit

Have you ever been in such a hurry to get a task done that you set down your utility knife with the blade still open, only to pick it up incorrectly and slice open your hand? This is certain to need stitches and care at the emergency room. Along with being an additional cost, and potentially worker’s compensation, this is a completely avoidable accident. The Lever Action-9 Safety Knife only is exposed when the handle is gripped, making it impossible to cut yourself when picking it back up.

The same can be said for feeding livestock. Whether you’re cutting baling twine or cutting open bags of grain, there is no reason to risk cutting yourself or having your employees hurt. The Klever X-Change with Double Wall Head can eliminate the risk of injury during these tasks where you are moving quickly. Not only that but these tools are light, durable, and affordable. Why risk injury when you can easily avoid it?

Shop online with Safecutters for tools that can be used around any sized farm or ranch to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits.